Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

If women prefer to wear white and yellow golden ring for the wedding, men prefer to wear platinum wedding bands with simpler design and detail on it. Well, according to some religions, men are not allowed to wear any gold jewelries and silky clothes. That’s why platinum or silver become the best material which is usually used to make the men wedding ring. Don’t worry about the appearance of the platinum ring. It is because the appearances of the platinum and white gold rings are almost similar though both are really different in type. Platinum is kind of valuable metal which is glossy as well as the white gold and silver. It is perfect to design in many models following the ring couple design.

Black Platinum Wedding Bands Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

Black Platinum Wedding Bands

Generally, when we are searching for a couple of wedding ring in a jewelry shop, the set of couple wedding rings consists of a platinum ring for men and a golden ring for women. Unlike the golden ring for the bride, the platinum wedding bands for men are specifically designed to express their characters. That’s why it is designed elegant, manly and muscular with thicker look, simple model and less of embellishment. Mostly, to fit the design of the women’s wedding ring, men prefer to apply carving detail on their platinum wedding rings. The carving detail may be the best embellishment which can be found on the ring. Sometimes, for those men who know the meaning of precious stone prefer to apply it as embellishment. Of course that precious embellishment is installed simpler and more compact. Platinum wedding band is available in the latest trend of wedding jewelry. Nowadays, camo or camouflage pattern starts to be popular in wedding ring design concept. No wonder that many rings for wedding apply this camo motif as unique detail alternative.

Platinum Wedding Bands for Men Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

Platinum Wedding Bands for Women Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

Platinum Wedding Bands for Women

However, the camo motif is definitely suitable with the men character. That’s why many men choose the camo platinum wedding bands to make their wedding more unique and stylish. Well, besides carving and camo motif application. There are still many valuable embellishments to pick completing the platinum ring for wedding. They may be much colorful to make it eye catching.

Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands Platinum Wedding Bands for Men

Diamond Platinum Wedding Bands

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